Driving performance in golf

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Please be aware that by submitting this form you are nominating yourself as a potential volunteer. When you have been confirmed as a volunteer we will send further emails and assign you to the player you will follow throughout his round of golf (across the full tournament). You will receive expenses towards travel and sustenance. Any information given on this form is confidential and covered by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Volunteer criteria

A volunteer must:
  • commit to read and understand the pre-tournament brief;
  • attend all tournament days including the Wednesday briefing before tournament play (tournament days are six to eight hour days);
  • travel to and from the tournament on all days (travel expenses up to £15 per day will be covered); and
  • be physically able to walk 18 holes of golf (approximately five to six miles) each day across different terrains.

It is also important to have:
  • a strong understanding of the game of golf and its terminology; and
  • access to a smartphone with a timing app or feature.